Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stress Shooting Firearm Course - Warsaw, IN - May 28, 2016

STRESS SHOOTING Defensive Handgun

This unique course will hone your defensive shooting skills through realistic interactive scenario-based training. In other words, you will engage other living, moving, aggressive human beings. These interactive scenarios and exercises will prepare you to successfully use your firearm against real threats, not just paper targets. If you carry a gun for personal protection, scenario-based training is a requirement to make sure your skills don't deteriorate under stress.

This empowering course is suitable for men, women, experienced shooters, and even those who have never held a firearm in their life. If you currently carry a firearm for self-defense or have plans to in the future, don't miss this potential life-saving course.

Topics include-
-When to draw your firearm
-Sighted fire vs adrenal stress point shooting
-Verbal deterrence
-Basic movement patterns
-Scenarios against live aggressors
-and more...

Location- Warsaw, Indiana
Date- Saturday May 28, 2016
Time- 11am-3pm
Cost- $125

Clips from the first Stress Shooting course that was held in Indiana-

View some testimonials from participants just like you-

Space is limited. Pre-registration required!

Previous Stress Shooting courses sold out. Don't miss out on this one, reserve you spot ASAP.


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