Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Self-Defense for Knife Attacks - Warsaw, IN - Mar 26, 2016

Self-Defense for Knife Attacks

This simple course is designed to teach participants how to successfully deal with edged weapons assaults... Defend against knives, shanks, broken bottles, and similar weapon attacks! Through the concept of "transference" learn how to use the very same movements to successfully
deal with gun and club attacks as well as unarmed attackers. This unique program is based on simple gross-motor skills that are easy to learn, easy to retain, and easy to use under the stress of a real assault. No fancy or complex martial arts techniques, only effective life-saving skills! This course covers the same material that is taught to law enforcement and security personnel. Suitable for Women, Men, and Teens ages 15 and older.

Topics include:
-Mental preparation
-Body positioning
-Creating distance
-Weapon interception
-Effective strikes
-Finishing tactics
-and more…
*We will also briefly discuss how to effectively deploy a firearm (for those that carry a handgun for personal protection).
When- Saturday March 26
Time- 11am-2pm
Parkview Warsaw YMCA
Warsaw, Indiana
Cost- $50 (group discounts available)
Space is limited! Pre-registration required!


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