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Handgun Retention Self-Defense in Warsaw, Indiana - June 28, 2014

You have learned to effectively use your handgun in self-defense. Now make sure you can keep an assailant from taking it away and using it against you or someone else. This course covers simple but effective skills that will assist you in maintaining control of your handgun in and out of the holster.

●The importance of Mind-Set and how to develop it
●Choosing appropriate holsters for increased retention
●Retention skills for inside the holster
●Retention skills for outside the holster
●Applying retention skills to other weapons (knife, pepper spray, etc)
●Experience FAST Defense adrenal response drills and technology

DATE: Saturday June 28, 2014

TIME: 10am -1pm

Eagle Creek Firearms
306 Argonne Rd
Warsaw, IN 46580

COST: $40.00

Space is limited! Pre-registration Required!

Call Eagle Creek Firearms (574) 267-2372 or stop by the store to reserve your spot!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

FAST Defense Against Armed Assailants- weapon self-defense in Warsaw, Indiana June 21

This Course Could Save Your Life!!!

In this FAST Weapons Defense Course you will take the next step in learning that fear is an incredible source of power! Although there is never a guarantee, the fact is that people who are trained correctly and determined to fight for their lives usually prevail against armed attackers. Much of this training involves overcoming many of our beliefs and fears concerning weapons as depicted by movies, press, and horror stories of assaults from victims who simply didn’t know better. Students will then practice simple proven techniques and apply them FULL-FORCE against a padded attacker!

Learn simple but effective defenses against:

-Knife to the throat
-Gun to the head
-Rear threats with both knives and guns
-Rear choke attack with a knife

WHEN: Saturday June 21, 2014 - 10am to 1pm
WHERE: Kosciusko Community YMCA
COST: $50

Suitable for women, men, and teens ages 13 and older. No previous training or experience necessary.

Pre-registration required. Space is limited to only 12 participants.

Charlatan "Self-Defense" Instructors (a RANT)

I have been involved in the field of personal safety, self-defense, crime prevention and martial arts for approximately 24 years. I have trained with numerous instructors in various styles, systems, and training methodologies. I have earned numerous black belts and have attained well over a dozen instructor certifications. I have had the privilege of training men, women, teens, and children from all walks of life to include airline personnel and law enforcement officers from around the world. I don't post this to brag as I will be the first to admit that I don’t know it all. I want people to know that I am a perpetual student, always learning and trying to improve the knowledge and skills that I possess, not only for myself but for those I may someday have the privilege of teaching…those that may someday be forced to rely on this knowledge to protect themselves or their loved ones.

As I surf the net I am often angered and agitated by some of the nonsense that I see being passed off under the guise of “self-defense”. Why should I care? What does it matter to me if the charlatans of the world want to take advantage of unsuspecting people that want to learn how to protect themselves? I will tell you why it matters to me...because I was once one of those unsuspecting people. I was taken advantage of by instructors claiming to teach "self-defense". I invested many years in training, travel, as well as hard-earned money into the belief that I was learning to protect myself. Unfortunately, that just wasn't the case. While I was learning to improve myself physically and mentally, it had little to do with my personal safety or the safety of my loved-ones. In fact, most of what I had learned was essentially useless in that respect. Eventually I realized I been brainwashed into believing something that just wasn't true. Fortunately this realization came BEFORE I was forced to find out that what I had been taught most likely wouldn't work in real life and in fact may have even made things worse.

I have spent every moment since learning as much as I can about crime and violence and what people can do to protect themselves. I do this because I despise those that think they can take whatever they want by means of force or the threat of force. I also do this because I despise those that take advantage of people's fears by telling them what they want to hear or by trying to sell them something that likely won't work in order to make a few bucks. I am often blunt about my opinions in this matter. Sometimes I offend people and most often it's those instructors in question. It's not my goal to offend people but I can't stand to watch others be taken advantage of as I once was. I refuse to apologize for that. I am a student and instructor of personal safety because I believe that good people have the right to feel safe and secure in the world they live in. I do this because I feel it's important to provide people with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe, so they don't have to rely on others...those that unfortunately can sometimes be unreliable. I do this because there is no better feeling than knowing that someday the information I passed along could ultimately save a life or at the least prevent someone from becoming a victim. I do this because there are already too many people out there passing along misinformation or just downright dangerous material. 

I can never make any guarantees about what I have to offer. I can't tell people that they will be given the be-all-end-all to personal safety. I can't tell people that they will never be forced to face a dangerous or scary situation. I can't tell them that they will be prepared for every conceivable scenario. I can't tell people that I have all of the answers. However, I can make some promises. I can promise that I will to everything I can to make sure that what I pass along to them has been shown to work more often than not. I can promise that if I don't know the answer to a question or a scenario I will do everything I can to acquire that answer from someone that knows better than I. I can promise that I care more about their safety than making a few bucks. I can also promise that I will continue to study, research, and train in order to make sure that what I am passing along will provide those that apply it the best options under the given circumstances that they may be forced to face. The question many of the charlatans of the world can say the same thing?

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