Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FREE Women's Self-Defense / Rape Prevention - Warsaw, IN - Apr 30, 2016

FREE Women's Self-Defense / Rape Prevention

April is nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

In support of this I am offering a FREE 3-hour Women's Self-Defense / Rape Prevention workshop as a service to the community.

Learn simple but effective self-defense skills to help protect yourself from potential assault!

In this 3-hour “hands-on” course, participants will learn:

-The 4 Steps of Personal Safety
-Mentally preparing for violence
-How and when to escape
-Verbal self-defense
-Effective attack-stopping targets
-Simple strikes
-Escaping grabs and holds
-Escaping ground attacks
-and more...

DATE: Saturday April 30
TIME: 11am-2pm
Parkview Warsaw YMCA
Warsaw, Indiana

Suitable for ages 13 and older.
Space is limited! Pre-registration required!


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