Saturday, May 19, 2012

Self-Defense Expert Banned from UK

This was recently brought to my attention.

There is likely more to this story than what is being told but this goes along with my previous post on the promotion of "the most lethal self-defense system in the world". I wasn't referring to this particular instructor when I posted those remarks but this proves one of my points. It's not whether or not an instructor teaches lethal force options or vicious techniques designed to injure. It's how they promote their systems that really matters. The more they promote the vicious and killing techniques to the  public the more negative attention they are going to receive.

Remember, there is so much more to real self-defense than the physical skills. In fact, if an instructor is doing his/her job properly their students will almost never be forced to use physical self-defense. Instructors should be emphasizing the more important components of awareness, avoidance, and prevention rather than the last-ditch survival tools. Learning to injure someone is the easy part but learning how to deal with or avoid potentially violent altercations before they escalate is the part we all need to work on.

Take care and stay safe,
Steve Zorn, ICPS


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