Saturday, May 07, 2016

FAST Defense Ground Fighting Self-Defense - Kendallville, Indiana June 2016

Assaults can end up on the ground! What would you do if you found yourself on the ground with an armed attacker on top of you? In this FAST Defense Ground Fighting course you will take the next step in learning that fear is an incredible source of power. Using simple techniques combined with the adrenaline rush, students learn how to effectively escape armed assaults that end up on the ground. Learn to escape gun, knife, and stick assaults from the ground using FULL-FORCE strikes to vital areas on the attacker.

What You Will Learn…
Dealing with worst case scenarios such as:
-Fighting off a mounted attacker with a gun to the head
-Fighting off a mounted attacker with a knife to the throat
-Fighting off a mounted attacker thrusting a knife
-Fighting off a mounted attacker swinging a stick
-Fighting from the guard position against an armed attacker

DATE: Saturday June 4, 2016
TIME: 3pm to 6pm
WHERE: ATA Excellence Martial Arts
Kendallville, IN
COST: $50 per person


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