Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Defensive Knife Seminar- Warsaw, Indiana

The next Warsaw, Indiana seminar is scheduled for Saturday January 19th from 12-3pm at Absolute Fitness Academy.

The topic to be covered will be "Defensive Knife". In a nutshell this is learning how to use a knife to save your life. This is not the typical knife dueling, or flashy martial techniques often passed off as tactical and practical. Due to the sensitive nature of the material it will be suitable for adults 18 and older.

To be covered: legalities of the defensive knife, fixed blades versus folders, standard grips, angles of attack, efficient fight-stopping targets, striking methods, inclusion of the empty hand, attribute-building exercises, self-defense scenarios, and more...

The cost for this intensive overview of the defensive knife will only be $25.

If you currently carry a knife for personal protection or have plans to start, this is an opportunity to learn how to use it effectively and efficiently.

Contact me to pre-register...


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